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Questions and Answers

Read the following frequently asked questions and learn more about what we do at William E. Edwards Academic College Tours, Inc. (WEE-ACT). If you have further concerns or clarifications, feel free to contact us directly through phone or email.

Are students only from Connecticut?

No, the tour is geared for students of Connecticut, but we have had students from Ohio, California, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

What are the requirements to participate on college tour?

If you are in high school, you will attend the high school tour and maintain the following:

  • Freshmen - 3.0 GPA

  • Sophomore - 2.5 GPA

  • Junior - 2.5 GPA

  • Senior - 2.5 GPA

Maintain an 85% Attendance Record

  • One School Personnel Recommendation
  • Seniors - SAT/ACT Score and Copy of Transcript
  • If you are in middle or high school (6th -11th), you may participate on the mini family (1 parent w/student) tour.

    Cost of the Tour

    The cost of the high school tour ranges from $750.00 - $850.00 per student, depending on the tour itinerary. The cost of the mini family tour ranges from $600.00 - $700.00 per family (One parent with student).

    Full payment is due on or three weeks before departure for all tours. A payment plan is available, and no specific amounts are required for the payment plan. Just ensure payments are made every month to keep account active.

    Security Deposit

    Total security deposit for all tours is $200.00 (non-refundable). Deposit should be turned in with application.


    There are scholarship options based on funding. Whenever any scholarships or specials are available. All eligible students will be contacted.

    How many schools are visited?

    • Full Tour Visits: 8-12 College Campuses

    • Mini Family Tour Visits: 4-6 College Campuses

    How many days is the tour?

    • 5-7 Days (Full Tour)

    • 3-4 Days (Mini Family Tour)

    How many chaperones?

    There is a 1:7 ratio. For every seven students, we have one adult chaperone. Most of our chaperones are educators, corporate mentors. Other chaperones are alumni of various HBCU’s.

    What are sleeping arrangements?

    Students may select their roommates. There are 4-5 students of the same gender in the same room. Most rooms are suite style with two queen beds and a queen sofa bed.

    What do students do on campus tours?

    The students spend about half a day or more on each campus to ensure we see and experience everything the campus has to offer. They also experience cultural activities in multiple cities throughout the week tour. Campus activities may include an opportunity to visit the campus (walking guided tour, weather permitting), experience the campus as a whole, and see everything it has to offer:

    • Library

    • Classroom

    • Cafeteria

    • Dorms

    • Administrative Buildings

    • Sports Complex

    Meet with the admissions administration to talk about the admissions process to attend the college/university, financial aid.

    For athletic directors: if your student plays a sport(s), let us know in advance. A chaperone will take the student to meet with the athletic director. Students are encouraged to bring at least five CD portfolios. Talk to students from their hometown (when possible).

    Are seniors accepted on the spot?

    Yes, if the student is a graduating senior, we will put together their senior portfolio to provide to schools on the tour. Many, not all, of the colleges will review the student’s transcripts and act/sat test scores and let students know if they were or accepted. This is something we are proud of; we have had several students presented with their acceptance package while on the WEE-ACT college tour.

    Is there a meeting before students leave on the tour?

    Yes, there is a mandatory pre-departure parent/student meeting where parents and students have the opportunity to meet the program director and chaperones. They will also go over the full itinerary and code of conduct for the week.

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